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A large range of price and trading information is available for market users on either a live or 30-minute delayed basis from licenced data distributors, or direct from our website.

A summary of official and average prices for the previous month are published by close of business (London time) on the first business day of each month.

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Original Score Weather Control Dazzling 3-D Environments Integrated Day-Night Cycle 3-D Environmental Puzzles Intuitive First-Person Controls Story Told Through Poetry Virtual Reality Enabled Unreal Engine 4 "It’s an adventure videogame that taxes the player’s minds more than their trigger finger, placing them in a lost world setting filled with traps, puzzles and hidden treasure.Your body may be gone, but your life has just begun.In death, you will find yourself on a journey across a series of mysterious lands, in an afterlife where you must uncover secrets as to who you are and why you are there.A report for the previous month is published in Excel format within the first seven business days of each month.You are on a journey to earn your freedom, while freeing other spirits trapped in the in-between.

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Each realm you visit was once home to a spirit, which will act as a guide in telling the story of his/her life through scattered poetry.