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Zimbabwe nudes

She then switched goal posts and admitted that there could be nude images of her floating around.

The big story over the weekend was over the whole story where it was revealed that Miss World Zimbabwe Emily Kachote has had nude pictures of her put on social media.

The Trust which runs the competition says it will wait until Friday when its head Marry Chiwenga returns until it makes a decision on Emily’s fate. Years before Emily strutted her stuff on the ramp at Mermaid Pools she went to her boyfriend’s house, got drunk and took some naughty pictures.

The small busted and skinny woman appears to be of the exact body type as the svelte model.

The pictures look like they were either taken by someone at close range or by the woman herself.

Should we be punishing Emily or the person who has create such bad repute not only for her but for Zimbabwean women? We cannot continue to treat victims with shame and impunity.

More progressive countries have specifically outlawed revenge porn (UK law is looking at up to 2 years in prison for people who put naughty pics up without permission. Legislation has to be put in place for this surely. Show that bullies don’t win and that a country can defend even a flawed queen.

Contacted for comment, Mushandu first professed ignorance about the existence of the pictures and even requested this reporter to send them to her via social media.

"I have heard about them before, during the time when Thabiso Phiri (Miss Zimbabwe 2014) was dethroned.

It seems sex tapes and nude pictures are the in-thing with beauty queens these days as images of Miss Zimbabwe 2011 Malaika Mushandu have leaked.

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