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The second version also reads "Bellotti," but also incorporates the logo of a bell.

Often, Bellottis have an embossment that reads "Italy" or "Made in Italy" in a semicircular pattern.

Established in 2006, Bettis Cymbals provides high-end, custom cymbals, handmade using raw cast B20 cymbal blanks supplied by members of the Zildjian family.Beginning in June 2014, the Nomad project began with Matt Bettis travelling across The United States making cymbals on the road in his mobile cymbal shop.Most Bellottis are relatively small 12"-15", and quite heavy.Their craftsmanship displays a fine lathing on top and bottom and very broad, circular-peen hand-hammering. The bellholes of most Bellottis are of small aperture, which suggests a fabrication date prior to the 1960s or earlier.Very finely crafted, most existing examples are likely to have been hand or field cymbals, due both to their weight and diameters.

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The tell-tale insignia is an embossed stamp on the underside of the cymbal. The first simply reads "Bellotti" on capital block letters.