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Wmp12 constantly updating media library

Help please ;) Back to your original problem looks like your hard drive may have failed. Take a look for devices attached will be a page where you can see a list of devices, you will see a cd-rom for sure. If you cant find a hdd in the list in bios, then turn off and unscrew the bottom of your laptop to find the hdd, make sure its not become unlodged, keep the base off the laptop and put your hand on the hard drive when you turn the laptop on. The laptop only has 1 hdd bay, and i re-seated the hard drive...You should be able to feel the hard drive spin up when you power on, if the hard drive isnt spinning up/vibrating, try another hard drive slot if your laptop has one. I felt the hard drive and I defiantly feel is spinning. I put MY hard drive in there and the laptop booted up just fine. Its an HP laptop and doesnt all hp laptops come with a recovery partition on it?I have a modest sized music library and a fast new PC – why does moving the scroll bar freeze my whole system for 30 seconds? Why does it constantly nag me to install new versions, and make me reinstall quicktime each time?

Winamp had this stuff figured out years ago and did it in about 200k.

Im trying to use my external hard drive as the USB drive.

-I have formatted the drive and tried in booth NTFS and ex FAT...

I have ran System Diagnostics, but everything passed......

Right now I am waiting for Ubuntu to download so I can create a live CD and see how that does.. Thank you So im getting this error when trying to create a bootable USB drive on another laptop(Windows 7).

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If so, if I can boot into Ubunto, could I access the recovery files??

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