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“It’s an honor to work with Soft Sheen Carson,” says Lance.

“I feel like the brand is iconic with African American males.

Read more Curtis and Ella get set to attend a college reunion---only to discover an ex-flame authored a candid book about collegiate “sextracurricular” activities.

Meanwhile, CJ faces the challenge of caring for the children by himself.

May 13, 2016 PM EDT Fox has ordered a fourth season of Sleepy Hollow, despite the show's female lead Nicole Beharie being killed off.

The film opened to mixed reviews, which have continued to cause a stir for fans and mainstream media.

But I feel like my job is to break out of that box and I feel like I’m doing that. I’ve worked with Rick Famuyiwa on Our Family Wedding, and I have a new show for NBC, with Phillip Noyce, in my opinion one of the best action directors there is.

Aside from his recent release of Tyler Perry’s Temptation, and his new NBC pilot List of Demands, Soft Sheen Carson recently announced its partnership with the budding actor to unveil their new digital campaign “Work Ur Magic!

” The Temptation star will help men look their best while giving fans a chance to win a trip for four to Las Vegas through Magic Shave’s virtual Facebook dating game.

This is the perfect marriage between magic shave and myself because it is something that I would actually use.” Contestants will have to put their “smooth moves to the test” and aim to capture the attention of a beautiful girl within the 4 minutes it takes Magic to make you smooth. “I introduce them to a young lady and they work their magic. With that I just decided to do what I love.” Luckily, a few years after graduation, he moved to Hollywood and was given his first big break.

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