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And what about things that are much, much worse - downright horrifying?? Six or seven years later I visited him and his wife with my husband and baby, even! He would have been my ONLY love, if I had only known the things I know now.

I'm talking about cheating on him - and losing his trust. But there really is good news, because if anyone in the world understands the pain and horror of making a terrible mistake with a man, it's me! and were in a committed relationship for six months longer. But I still had SEVERAL opportunities to pick up the pieces. I get this one PAINFUL question over and over: "Is it possible to recover from an embarrassing mistake with a man?

I know without a doubt that I lost the first love of my life due completely to my own repeated mistakes. And with those chances to make things come together, I failed at several critical turning points!! "And is it possible to recover from a HORRIBLE mistake with a man?? I am going to convince you that this is absolutely TRUE.

" It could NOT be possible that he could actually marry someone else.

These days, they would say, "I could not wrap my head around this!

I'm the author of several books on relationships, and I've been writing a daily email column for women since 2005. to living across the country from each other and occasionally visiting. The call where he told me he was GETTING MARRIED to someone I'd never even heard him mention. ) Acting insecure and clingy (further driving him away) Bringing up the subject of commitment WAY too soon Talking too much about the future (he says he's not ready) Telling him about your past (now he knows too much!!

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