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Core requirements include advanced object oriented analysis, algorithm design plus Internet law.

The Computer Systems Technology (CST) Diploma has provided thousands of career-ready graduates to all IT sectors across Canada.

BCIT Computing offers two separate pathways to the CST Diploma, full-time or part-time course-by-course.

The CST/PTS Diploma starts with a solid foundation of programming and systems development via a series of smaller modular credentials.

1) The first step is to complete Applied Software Development (ASD).

3) ASD and ACIS are subsets of the Computer Systems Certificate (CSC), which must be completed prior to starting the CST/PTS Diploma.

Intensive full time delivery is two years, or part-time is typically completed by taking two courses per term over a period of six years.

Some students may be able to complete three courses per term, however they will need to have a plan approved by the program head.

It is extremely important that students demonstrate their ability to write code in multiple programming languages at the beginning of this series.

2) The second step is Applied Computer Information Systems (ACIS).

Some students may attempt the ASD and ACIS simultaneously.

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After learning to write code, students then cover operating systems, database, web and English communication.