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Webfastdating ru

Particular displayed search results are created by using a computer algorithm to match the search terms you enter with results in our index.

In general, we try to provide as comprehensive and as useful a collection of displayed search results as we can.

We design algorithms to provide the most relevant and useful results and determine which displayed search results appear for any given search.

Bing doesn’t control the operation or design of the websites we index. As long as the website continues to make the information available on the web, the information will be generally available to others through Bing or other search services.

Bing works with law enforcement and other authorities to help stop the flow of this content online.

One of the ways that we do this is by removing displayed search results that have been reviewed by credible agencies and found to contain or relate to the abuse of children.

We remove these types of displayed search results only when we're confident that the government or quasi-governmental agency providing the links: In many countries, including the United States, search providers are obligated to respond to claims from rights holders about unauthorized posting, distribution, or other publication of protected content.

The international community recognizes that such unauthorized publication can infringe on the rights of content owners and has fashioned both international treaties and local laws to address the matter.

In particular, we remove from our displayed search results links that have been identified by either the Internet Watch Foundation (UK), NCMEC (USA), FSM (Germany) as, in their good faith judgment, hosting or providing access to child abuse content that is illegal under the laws of their jurisdiction.

Removing these links from displayed search results doesn’t block them from being accessed on the internet or discovered through means other than Bing, but it does reduce the ability of those who would seek out child abuse content to find it and reduces the extent to which sellers of such content can profit from it.

Bing automatically scans (or "crawls") the internet to develop and maintain an index to generate and display a set of search results (the "displayed search results").

The index is really a catalog of available online resources, including websites, images, videos, documents, and other items.

In limited cases, where relevant laws and/or public policy concerns address issues such as privacy, intellectual property protection, and the protection of children, we might remove a displayed search result of a particular resource.

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