Video sex datin malaesya

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Video sex datin malaesya

In asking for a lower bail, Ahmad Ahnaf’s counsel Fahmi Abd Moin said his client’s wife was six months pregnant and he has two young daughters.Fahmi said Ahmad Ahnaf was a medical officer at a government hospital but tendered his resignation on Nov 2, adding that his wife who is also a medical officer, was supporting the family.

The suspect, a Bangladeshi, had entered the house from the ceiling and found some cash in the woman’s room, said Serdang OCPD Asst Comm Megat Mohd Aminuddin Megat Alias.Ahmad Ahnaf, who is now jobless, faces a second charge of showing his private part and masturbating in front of the victim, and for indecency.He faces a third charge of molesting the woman, and was accused under Section 354 for assault or use of criminal force on a person with intent to outrage modesty.From another room, he stole some foreign currency and other valuables. The man then returned to the woman’s room and wanted to tie her up.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In another case, AFTER robbing a woman of her cash and va­luables, a burglar returned to her room and raped her, reported China Press.

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The robber ignored her pleas to be spared the sexual assault because she was having her period.

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