Validating european vat id

Posted by / 20-Mar-2015 21:59

This website will help you to look up the VAT number of your foreign customers.Our seachbox allows you to easily verify the validity of the VAT number of any company in the European Union (EU).This VAT number has to be mentioned on every invoice or receipt.Furthermore you have to know the VAT number of your customers or clients.Verifying VAT numbers is a time-consuming activity.

When someone sets up a company or business, this person will get a VAT number.The rules say that when you supply goods or services to another company in the single market of the EU, you don't have to pay VAT.However your administration will become more difficult due to these rules.Your accountant needs this information and will transmit it to the tax authority.This website will help you with your accountancy and tries to make doing business in the European single market as easy as possible.

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For evey customer or client you need to check if his VAT number is correct. When the tax authorities detect errors, they will give you a fine.

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