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Requesting debt validation is particularly helpful if the debt has been sold.

Often junk debt buyers have little information about the debts they own.

Debt validation forces a collection agency, debt collector and even a law firm in the business of debt collection prove you owe a debt.

It is a powerful weapon against debt collectors that protects consumers from unfair and deceptive debt collection practices.

In some instances, consumers who simply request debt validation discover a junk debt buyer will cease collection of the debt.

They want to collect without putting too much time and effort into the collection process According to Section 809 of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act you have the right to request a collection agency validate the debt they are trying to collect.Essentially, the collection agency must show that you owe the “original creditor” the debt and not the debt collector.They purchase a portfolio of debts often with little more than basic information about you and the alleged debt.They may try to collect the wrong amount or from people with similar names who don’t owe the debt.If you are writing to request assistance on your Equifax credit file (i.e., dispute, fraud alert, security freeze, disclosure), please also include a copy of a document from each of the two categories below: One item to validate ID such as: Please note, when you provide documents, including a letter, to Equifax as part of your dispute, the documents may be submitted to one or more companies whose information are the subject of your dispute.

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How do you know the debt is yours and that you actually owe them?

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