Updating multiple records asp

Posted by / 13-May-2015 12:30

Since you are modifying records, your Products collection is likely already attached to the database context, and it's state will be tracked if you modify it.

Try this: I solved it thanks to Ben Robinson comment.

if you think about, you need to add a student first.

once the student is added, then you can enrol him on some courses. Thanks GTH; so basically I'm SOL on having 1 form (reflecting the enrollment of a student) that generates a new student record, a new enrollment record and a new course record!

you also need a way of adding new courses - which needs a completely separate form - the point being that a student and a course have nothing in common.

there are various ways of dealing with the user interface/look and feel but basically - 3 tables = 3 forms.

By view, I suppose you mean a query; if so, would it be an append query?

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last time I tried this the append query didn't appear as a selection while creating a form through the form wizard. Is it just by virtue of moving to the next new record? Thanks if you have 3 tables, then basically each table is handled separately student details, course details, enrolment details so lets say you have student form.