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The final thing to check is you have enough remaining space on your i Pad to install the update. Under Storage check you have at least 1 GB available.

Touch Bistro will not require all the 1 GB but it does require space for unpacking files, creating temporary files, and the like. If you try to install with less than 1 GB of storage, you may experience odd behavior.

To prevent your i Pads from updating in the middle of a shift or ensuring you’re updating Pro server and your i Pads at the same time, you need to turn off your i Pad’s automatic app updating. To check and update if an update is available follow these steps: Tap Install Now.

Note: You should always check if there’s an i OS update and apply the update before updating Touch Bistro to the latest version.

After installing any i OS update on all of your i Pads, you’re now ready to update your i Pad or i Pads with the new version of Touch Bistro.

Now complete steps 1- 4 again for each individual i Pad running Touch Bistro.

See Backing Up Touch Bistro for information on how to back up and restore your i Pad.

If you’re running the Pro version, it’s best practice to update your Pro server first (see Step 5 and Step 6) and then update your i Pads and keep version numbers in sync. In general it is beneficial to allow apps to automatically update.

However, automatic updates can pose certain problems when running Touch Bistro. Note: Once you disable automatic updating of all your i Pads, you do not have to repeat this step whenever you update.You do not want your i Pad updating apps in the middle of a shift, for example. Before updating Touch Bistro, you should check to see if there’s an update to your i OS available. Although there is no danger of updating over top an existing version of Touch Bistro, you should make periodic backups of your i Pad to lessen the risk of data loss from the theft of your hardware or the accidental destruction of your hardware. Update after you’ve done your end of day or before opening your venue. Step 2 Update your i Pad(s) to the Latest i OS Chapter 4. Step 6 On Your Mac Running Pro Server You should never update during service hours.

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