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Updating dreambox via blue panel

Now go into this program, and press the blue button to go to the sources.

Here you can select which EPG data you like to download, by highlighting your selection and pressing OK, which will put a checkmark in front of each active source. Now we are back into the first menu where we can change the time when the plugin should start. If your box is in deep-standby you could wake it up to start the automatic download.

Otherwise, it will display the date/time and number of events of the last import.The import runs in background, so you don't have to wait until it is finished.If you se the number of days to 2, the epg data is loaded for 2 days with descriptions and 5 days without full descriptions.Remember to save this config by pressing the green button, which returns you to the applications menu.The plugin will not put the system back into sleep state though.

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You can set the amount of days for full descriptions, which is helpful if you have selected a lot of epg sources and your box has limited memory (like the dm7025).

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