Updating debian etch to lenny

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Updating debian etch to lenny

(Bruno Cornec) - Improve speed for deps computation by global sorting (Bruno Cornec) - Fix a bug with Debian 8 where we need to use /lib/systemd instead of /usr/lib/systemd (Bruno Cornec) - Fix lvmetad usage on latest Debian (Hugo Vanwoerkom) - Adds a function Find Ldlinuxe64Binary to find ldlinux.e64 (Bruno Cornec) - Adds a function Find Syslinux64EFI to find (Bruno Cornec) - Find Ldlinux32Binary only called in BIOS mode (Bruno Cornec) - Fix mindi-get-perl-modules to follow symlinks in perl installation and now working on Debian 8 as well as Mageia 5 (Bruno Cornec) MONDO CHANGES - Fix #796, GPT support, by limiting the requirement for une extended partition to MBR disks (Bruno Cornec) - Fix #787, USB support, by cleaning the target dir of its syslinux content (Bruno Cornec) - Fix #784, crash, by not comparing result of mkstmp to NULL (Bruno Cornec) - Fix #757, #780 and #781 bupport, fixing a bug in mr_strip_space (Bruno Cornec) - Fix #778, by using dosfslabel/mr-label to recreate labelled FAT or VFAT FS when that command is available and using now everywhere (removes mkdosfs references) and avoid using -F 32 to let the command choose the best size by itself.(Bruno Cornec) - Fix #777 Full UEFI support with correct generation of ISO images for mondoarchive (Bruno Cornec) - Fix #776, UEFI support, by using -efi-boot option of genisoimage for UEFI systems.Changes are : MINDI CHANGES - Adds support for the hpvsa driver (Bruno Cornec) - Fix #724 by adding ehci-pci support in USB_MODS (Bruno Cornec) - Adds support for ohci-hcd and ohci_hcd (Bruno Cornec) - Fix a keyboard detection bug (wrong directory added /usr/share) (Bruno Cornec) - Fix keyboard support on Fedora 19 (no conf file found so used the X11 one) (Bruno Cornec) - Fix kernel detection on 3.9+ where the message was lacking around the 6 (Bruno Cornec) - Fix serial console detection where using -f is not working.

This will allow to fix broken USB support and to avoid that type of issue in the future (Bruno Cornec) - Suppress as well Prepare Boot Disk Image as content is now supported in the shared Make Bootable Device (Bruno Cornec) - Improve non-interactive support with 3 variables in conf file that can allow a non interactive function of mindi when set to the values proposed (PROMPT_MAKE_CD_IMAGE="no", PROMPT_MAKE_USB_IMAGE="no") When using the second one for USB mode, you also have to add the name of the device to be used with USBDEVICE="/dev/sdg" (Bruno Cornec) - Adds support for nls_cp437 module (report from a chinese user) - Use syslinux dir systematically for boot env whatever the boot loader of this family as it works for all.

Refer to the log at the end of this announce for details.

Now available at ftp://ftp.As usual source packages are also available in the same directory.

BACKPORT from 3.2 (Bruno Cornec) 2016-04-06 Project mondorescue version is now available The project team is happy to announce the availability of a newest version of mondorescue This is just a single fix #753 (LV creation on RHEL7) added to 3.0.4 made for a customer Now available at ftp://ftp.As usual source packages are also available in the same directory.

(Bruno Cornec) - Fix #766, crash, by duplicating systematically strings for netfs_user instead of optimizing by reusing content (Bruno Cornec) - Fix #730 by copying current version of logfile to backup media (Bruno Cornec) - Fix a bug/crash for tape usage in interactive mode (Bruno Cornec) - Rename libmondo-mountlist.c as mondo-rstr-mountlist.c (Bruno Cornec) - Rename all mondorestore scripts with a mr- prefix for homogeneity and put them under /usr/bin on the media (Bruno Cornec) - Rename the mindi image (was which was confusing) (Bruno Cornec) - Fix wiping of the scratch area by calling rm on files instead of find which has issues in this context and erasing star files as well (Bruno Cornec) - Adds xorriso support in mondoarchive for distributions such as Debian 8 using it for UEFIvoids core dump when exiting early (Bruno Cornec) - which_partition_format now uses mr-disk-type - Avoids crash and core dump for mondoarchive when exiting early and on an allocation error when there is a syntax error (Bruno Cornec) - Adds a mr_sys module for the new mr_system function and a unit test, and use it where appropriate (Bruno Cornec) - Replace usage of mktemp by mkstemp instead (Bruno Cornec) - Remove usage of a local use_star variable and use the one in bkpinfo instead (Bruno Cornec) - Suppress function archive_this_fileset_with_star and handle the star case in the std archive_this_fileset function to benefit from std features.

updating debian etch to lenny-57updating debian etch to lenny-31updating debian etch to lenny-37

Should help solving the issue reported on scratchdir not emptied in star case. (Bruno Cornec) 2016-04-12 mindi 2.1.8 is now available The project team is happy to announce the availability of a latest version of mindi 2.1.8. As for the previously announced version of the project, this is just a maintenance version for the old stable branch, bringing the latest fixes in mindi available from the 3.2 branch for those of you still using mindi 2.1.7.