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- Open the App Store; - Find the Transas i Sailor app; - Check that the correct current i Tunes login account (Apple ID) is used on the device; - Install the Transas i Sailor application on the device.You can purchase charts for i Sailor only via the “Chart store” in-app. If I have an i Pad without a sim card installed, do I need to have a wifi to use i Sailor?May I use the application when my device is outside of cellphone range?We recommend to download charts when your device is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi.Please don't close the application until the loading process is completed. If the chart is loaded for a long time (more than one hour) we recommend to reinstall the application and start the loading process once again (tap "Buy" in the application Charts Store).(i Tunes stores information about all your purchases).That also means that you may download the same folio both on your i Phone and i Pad. scroll to top We strongly recommend that the app should be loaded with your device connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi and to the power supply unit.

May I use Transas i Sailor charts when my i Phone/i Pad is outside of Wi-Fi?

Positioning by connection to the own AIS Class B transiver Several tips which help: 1.

Please note that you're charged only ONCE for the folio chosen (if you use the same account).

That means that you will NOT pay for the same folio twice.

The i Tunes has information on all the in-app purchases you made in the “Chart store” section of the Transas i Sailor app.

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Please use the correct current i Tunes login account (Apple ID).