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In his "Proposal for a new publishing model in Computer Science," he argues that "[m]any computer [s]cience researchers are complaining that our emphasis on highly selective conference publications, and our double-blind reviewing system stifles innovation and slow the rate of progress of [s]cience and technology." This is a valid concern, as we have observed that the rate of progress in computer science has largely overtaken the speed of publication process.

The only way to salvage a rejected paper is to wait for another conference in the same year, or for the same conference in a subsequent year.By moving the Ar Xiv data you could import a new item for the DOI reference.Then you could merge the two records, (ar Xiv & DOI) while choosing ar Xiv as the master.For papers retrieved from ar Xiv, the ar Xiv number is placed in the "Publication" field. ) are copies of papers that were published elsewhere.Look at: You can follow DOI to see where the paper was published.

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Throughout this process, it's quite often that the content and idea of the submission become stale, thus leading to a slowdown in the scientific progress.

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