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Unmonitored cams

After being burgled twice, the beloved insisted on security cameras around the house.However, unless the criminals are incredibly stupid, all we will see is a masked face before the cameras are moved to where they won't see anything.Or you can opt for a hidden camera that looks like something else like a smoke alarm, a wall clock or an ordinary ceiling light. Whichever camera you select should be able to integrate with your current system.Home Security Store has some affordable DIY options for cameras, alarms and other devices, which may help: Cameras Hidden Cameras Good luck to you. Things that sit on a table and never draw attention.I suggest wireless assuming you don't have anywhere to hide wiring.If you do, though, a hardwired system may work better as I'm not sure how concrete may interfere with the camera's communication. Good hiding places may include behind a plant, in a bookcase (perhaps disguised in some way) or something like that.

Having been burglarized before, I know how bad it sucks to feel vulnerable in your own home. I haven't looked to see if wireless cameras are available in that stealth packing. We have visible "dome" cameras, as well as some hidden in bird houses, bird feeders, etc.

Our garden - and my shed - are almost 60 yards back behind the house, and no one coming in the back would expect it, but they trip a motion alarm and an IR camera in a bluebird box.

Masonry bits and CAT5 are cheaper than The routers you are going to need to get decent bandwidth through masonry walls.

the second big challenge when setting up a Wi-Fi network: making sure the radio waves don't run into any obstacles. Wood, plaster, cinder blocks, and glass don't interfere much, but brick, stone, and water (think of that 30-gallon fish tank) can be more problematic.

After more burglaries nearby, we also added hi-res cameras down at the street, so every car on the street gets a face and tag shot.

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