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Totally  heterosexual dating sites for email

I had an aunt growing up who was in love with Liberace and used to send him Christmas cards and fan letters because he was the “perfect man”. She didn’t know Rock Hudson was gay either and had her first heart attack when Richard Chamberlain and Tab Hunter came out.

She still won’t believe it about James Dean or Monty Clift.

[ Click above to embiggen: Drudge’s front page at 400pm CST on 9/17/2012…and then a shot of just the important part ] I’m curious.

Do straight people pick up on all the gay jokes that Matt Drudge at Drudge Report makes at Barack Obama’s expense?

I’ve been covering this for years here at HB, which you can read more on HERE.

The only people who can’t see that Barack Obama is gay are the ones who don’t want to see it.

To my knowledge, Drudge has never directly linked to any story regarding Barack Obama’s gay experiences, here in Chicago or further afield.Reggie Love, Obama, BEHIND, Barack chases…This happens too often to be a coincidence.Drudge can’t be busted by anyone on it, though, because he has plausible deniability in that “these stories are not related and just happen to fall that way on the page”…and he can then accuse a critic of being crazy and seeing things that weren’t there.I hope no one ever tells her about Tom Cruise, Will Smith, and John Travolta!But every so often Drudge goes out of his way to highlight the bizarre and unexplained relationship that Obama has had with guys like Love, Kal Penn, Nick Colwin, Alex Okrent, Larry Sinclair, and Michael Signatore.

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When the first honest biographies of Obama are written in the future, these are the people who will fill the chapters that are devoted to the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Mary Pinchot Meyer, Mimi Alford, Angie Dickinson, and Jayne Mansfield in the Kennedy bios.

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