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Many of the routines mine laughs from overtly sexual situations and graphic violence, though the results sometimes fall short (or perhaps go far wide) of the mark.

The Whitest Kids U' Know pushes the edge of "acceptable" to the limits -- and when it works, it can be quite funny.

The show's subversive characters tend to be violent, sexist, and selfish.

They make fun of other people and urge each other to perform violent and sometimes degrading acts.

THE WHITEST KIDS U’ KNOW might also be some of the strangest guys you know.

The five members of this New York troupe specialize in the weird, the wacky, and the outrageous, and their sketch comedy series straddles the line between funny and offensive.

Sometimes it’s funny, but it can also be angry and hostile.

Parents need to know that this sketch comedy series finds humor in extreme violence and explicit sexual situations.

It's all played for humor (and some of it could be seen as being a commentary on the same issues it plays off of), but it's pretty edgy.There are also some references to drugs and drinking.Older teens might find it all funny, but younger kids won’t get the jokes and are likely to be put off by the content.For example, a group of revolutionaries who come to blows arguing over who has to make T-shirts and who must tend the nuclear reactor core is a sharp statement on the lunacy of anarchy. Expect plenty of references to sex using both words and gestures; many skits also feature graphic and gory violence, including impalements, stabbings, shootings, exploding heads, and more.

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The amount of swearing varies by skit -- some have virtually none, while others are filled with bleeps.

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