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Their popularity in the US increased significantly in recent years due in part to the auto-enrollment legislation Pension Protection Act of 2006 that created the need for safe-harbor type Qualifying Default Investment Alternatives, such as target-date funds, for 401(k) savings plans.With the UK enacting auto-enrollment legislation in 2012, target-date funds are used by NEST National Employment Savings Trust, and are expected to become increasingly popular as their design should satisfy the DWP's eligible default fund criteria.

Magento is a custom color template, the best feature of this theme is, it has 2 comment form area.Visitor can easily switch from Blogger to Google+ comments by tapping on the tabs.Target-date funds are aimed at people planning for retirement and have appeal because they offer a lifelong managed investment strategy so should remain appropriate to an investor's risk profile even if left accidentally unreviewed.Research suggests that age is by far the most important determinant in setting an investment strategy, thus Target Date, or age-based funds are particularly attractive as default investment funds.An example of a glidepath for a selection of savings strategies for the UK market is shown here.

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Intelligent Money provides different glidepaths depending upon the end requirement of each client (a lump sum for withdrawal or an income producing portfolio for income drawdown).