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When calls and messages kept coming addressed to her deceased daughter the mother was forced to write: "" Four Corners tells the story of one community in a major Australian city where the threat of repeated suicides amongst young people became so overwhelming that families and community leaders, backed by mental health experts, held an old fashioned public meeting to allow the families and friends of the victims to tell their stories.It was a bold and controversial step but it was the only way they felt they could deal with the situation.In doing so the community hoped they could break the terrible silence and find a way to confront this silent enemy. "There is No 3G in Heaven", reported by Liz Jackson and presented by Kerry O'Brien, goes to air on Monday 10th September at 8.30pm on ABC1.It is replayed on Tuesday 11th September at 11.35 pm.PROFESSOR PATRICK MCGORRY, YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH EXPERT (speaking at local summit): Suicide is preventable... Four Corners has spoken to eight families in the area who have lost children in the past two years. They're vulnerable to sense of stigma, guilt and shame.Social media has the potential to influence behaviour, for better or worse, and it's now accepted that suicide prevention strategies need to deal with this.

Or does the community come together, so that individual families can tell their stories and in turn do something to combat the insidious face of depression and its consequences?

Until now the accepted wisdom has been to publicly downplay suicide but in speaking to families who've lost children, reporter Liz Jackson found that young people are in fact talking about suicide all the time on facebook.

It can also be seen at 8pm on Saturday on ABC News 24, on ABC iview and at 4 Corners.

"" - Monday 10 September 2012 KERRY O'BRIEN, PRESENTER: It's every family's worst nightmare.

INTERVIEWER: Do you feel you could ever have spoken to her directly and said, "Paige, do you want to end your life? This is a deeply worrying story of one suburban corridor in south east Melbourne.

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" CAROL MENZIES, GRANDMOTHER OF SUICIDE VICTIM: I probably could. If I'm honest, I would have been too scared of what the answer would be. Official figures are not publically available, but in recent times a disturbing number of young people have taken their own lives. They lose a child, they keep to themselves: their grief is a private matter.

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