Special body language tips for dating

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Special body language tips for dating

I’m going to burst a lot of bubbles and say that no matter how good of an opener you think you may be, in reality, it is 90% proven that women open up all communication when it comes to attracting a mate.

The benefit and plus of understanding body language is that it’s A picture of a smiling, laughing baby is a picture of a happy baby no matter what part of the world you’re in.

A picture of a man with his fist clench, eyes squinted and his brow low is an angry man no matter who you speak to.

This is similar to a female baboon’s hind quarters becoming large and swollen, signaling that she is ready for mating.

Human females share a slight connection to this when aroused.

Blood flow will be sent to the genital, lips, and breasts, making them swell. A woman will look around a room and see a guy she likes.

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Hence why red lip stick is used to amplify sexual invitation. She will wait until you notice her, hold eye contact with you and then look away.

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