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Spain dating norms

Spain is the second largest country in Europe, next to France, which is located in an area known as the Iberian Peninsula.

This island is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea in the south to the east, Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Bay of Biscay to the north.

However, Andalucia in the south, the Canary island located near the west coast of Africa, the Balearic Islands in the southeast of Barcelona, and northern Spain, including Castille and Leon, are all frequented in great numbers as well.

Also, the Pyrenees are known for some of the best trekking throughout Europe, stretching roughly 400 kilometers, from the Basque Country in the west to the Mediterranean Sea.

Spain is also bounded by the lands of Portugal, France, Andorra, Morocco, and Gibraltar.

Although known for its great sandy beaches, Spain is waiting to be discovered more, from its ice-capped mountains, green lands, arid zones, historical cities' narrow streets, and grand display of art and architecture.

Good times will surely be experienced with Pamplona's thronged “Running with the Bulls” or during a famous Spaniard's flamenco guitar performance on the side many streets.

As a country dominated by Roman Catholics, fiesta celebrations are often anywhere in the country with many merrymaking activities to enjoy.

The varied landscapes contribute to extreme climate conditions, which are greatly influenced by the Mediterranean sea that borders the country from the south to east.

Not to forget, the country offers travelers a variety of great cuisines full of aroma and mouth savoring tastes too.

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