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Sohbete sex kamarada resimleri

Received: from [] (Ghana Telecom ADSL) Date: Wed, Compliment of the season, greetings in the name of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ.I am sending this proposal based on faith and trust so, i want you to for safe keeping but, he did not disclose the content to the management of the security house for security reasons.My Client have been looking for a reliable and credible investor to help him clear this fund and gold from the security house, and invest it outside Africa.So, i have been mandated to source for a credible and reliable investor who is ready to invest the fund of this innocent boy or accept this young man as a partner.To be sincere with you my dear brother, my client have have a huge sum of money and gold dust he inherited from his late parents in a here in Ghana and he is desperately in need of a foreign investor to help him clear this consignment from the security house, move this fund and gold out of Africa while he join the foreign investor later to continue his education. Dowe is a God fearing christian, he do not have a girlfriend, yes he is an orphan and he lost his entire family in the war in his country so, there is no relative that will be a problem if he want to join you in your country.My client's name is , his fund and gold have no criminal connection, he is a refugee from DR. is very ready to join you in your country anytime his fund and gold dust get to your country because he do not want to leave his consignment behind so, he will join you as soon as his consignment gets to your country.If you are intrested, i will want you to contact me as soon as possible.Please i want you to state in your reply if you want to invest this fund or you will want to go into partnership with this young man. Dowe Received: from [] Date: Fri, Dear Dilbert H.

Congo so, i can assure you that my client is a responsible boy with decent family background but, unfortunately, he is the only surviving member of his family. When i called him an innocent boy, i mean innocent boy he is a free young man that is ready to be taught and ready to learn and he is the type that doesn't do anything without seeking the opinion of an older person. Clinton Kamara To Clinton Kamara, Now you have my attention! I will definitely make him comfortable, and give him all that he deserves! I can take better care of him than anybody else, and he won't lack for attention and affection, that's for sure! In my last mail to you, i told you that we need to employ the services of a good lawyer here to prepare an agreement binding you and in this transaction but, you did not say anything about it please, let me know your opinion on this.

If it is true that you are intrested in assisting my client and his consignment from Africa then, we do not have any problem than to start this transaction immediately. I'll do right by this kid, and make sure he gets everything he deserves, and you, too. Thanks for assuring me that you will treat him well and make sure he gets all that he deserves to make him feel comfortable over there. Let me know how soon this young fellow can come to me. Can you come to Ghana to to see everything for yourself?

Yes there is a diplomat or representative that will handle the movement of the gold dust but, that will depend on the buyer and seller agreement. Clinton Kamara To Clinton Kamara: What's in it for me? I can't just drop everything and go help your guy get a few measly bucks. Don't send me a mail with a load of words in it, that don't make any sense. What you are expected to do now is to help this young boy clear his consignments from the security house, you will also help in the shipment of this consignment to your country. I have a name in this town, and I can't jeopardize it by openly doing business with crooks. Dowe Received: from [41.2] Date: Tue, Dear Dilbert H.

But i know it will be an acceptable condition and as a refugee he must be ready to accept fair condition. I have discussed with my client and he is ready to give you 30% of the total fund, 30% of the sales made from the gold dust, all To Clinton Kamara: OK, I'm interested. Is this money and gold dust legit, or is it the proceeds of some crime activities? I know you want confidentiality, but sometimes things get out of hand, and people find out what you're doing. Dowe, Thank you very much for your responds, i am very confident that this is indeed the Lords doing, God is truly at work and it is marvelous in our sight because, my client is a God fearing christian, he has always prayed for God to give him a foreign investor that is God fearing, reliable and trustworthy to help him and his consignment out of Africa and, behold, God has just fulfilled his promises for my client by giving him somebody like you to assist him, this is really a big testimony and my client will be very happy to hear this.

Waiting to hear from you soon Regards Clinton Kamara (Phd) To: Clinton Kamara: I might be interested in this deal. I'm pretty sure I couldn't move 200 kg of gold by myself. Dowe , Thanks for your response, what we want you to do is to look for areliable and prospective buyer who will buy the gold dust at a reduced price below the international market price.

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Would there be anybody to help, do you have workers who would do this? Once this is gotten then we will make arrangement to get things done. Dowe Received: from [] Date: Sat, Dear Dilbert Dowe, Thank you very much for your response, and the intrest you have shown for this transaction. I can't get involved with anybody who is not 100% honest and lawful.

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