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This time it's been completely different compared to the previous times we visited England's Capital, but I will talk more about that in depth very soon!So, I first wanted to show you the look I was sporting last week on a true spring, we had to celebrate it with a delicious ice cream. Can you remember that a few months back I spent two days in Düsseldorf, Germany?We've just came back from a week-end in spent London, and although we have the best time ever, I'm always happy to be back home.We visited London several times before but never since I started my blogging adventure.Although this 90’s revival is maybe too old school for some of you, with its high-waist contrast and cool side pockets the modern version of the mommy jeans is right up my alley.To give a vintage feeling to the whole look, I combined these jeans with a romantic coloured top.

The purpose of my visit was to create two make-up video's which both Douglas and I couldn't wait to share with you guys.As you know, I’m the biggest boyfriend jeans lover, but now I have to say goodbye to him (Just Kiddin', I will always stay a fan) because there’s a new love in my life: the mommy jeans.You’d probably remember your mom rocking these pants wherever she went years years ago, depending on your age of course.And as a finishing touch I styled this combo off with some chic details: the jewellery, the bag and my high hair-knot.Of course on such a sunny day during springtime in The Netherlands (seldom!


So here it is, the first video which is a make-up look based on Berlin, the capital of Germany.

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