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While feminists, homosexuals, and anthropological explorers openly questioned the natures and purposes of the two sexes, anatomical hermaphrodites suggested a deeper question: just how many human sexes are there?

Ultimately hermaphrodites led doctors and scientists to another surprisingly difficult question: what is sex, really?

In turn, monoecious plants are small but invest more in reproduction and flower earlier relative to dioecious plants (Dorken and Barrett 2003).

The two sexual systems often occur in populations of close geographic proximity, yet remain distinct.

Alice Dreger focuses on events in France and Britain in the late nineteenth century, a moment of great tension for questions of sex roles.

Thus, my thesis research focuses on two fundamental questions concerned with gender strategies in plants: (1) What are the contemporary ecological and genetic mechanisms maintaining two distinct sexual systems in ? Geographic patterns of reproductive mode and population structure of a Canadian species-at-risk, (deerberry).

This leads to an epilogue, where the author discusses and questions the protocols employed today in the treatment of intersexuals (people born hermaphroditic).

Given the history she has recounted, should these protocols be reconsidered and revised?

Hermaphrodites and the Medical Invention of Sex takes us inside the doctors’ chambers to see how and why medical and scientific men constructed sex, gender, and sexuality as they did, and especially how the material conformation of hermaphroditic bodies—when combined with social exigencies—forced peculiar constructions.


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