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Sex dating in lovell maine

THERE IS A PERSISTENT MYTH that war has always been an all-male affair and that women in combat zones, whatever their activities, were "civilians" and not "warriors." This becomes a confusing distinction in practice, because men and women under fire often do the same things.It is particularly confusing in the case of naval warfare, because at sea everyone aboard - male or female, gunner, carpenter, or nurse - is quite literally in the same boat.If Artemisia was an able commander frustrated by a less perceptive superior, Cleopatra was just the opposite. C., the Roman fleet of Octavian faced the combined fleets of Anthony and Cleopatra off the coast of Egypt.When a ship is fired upon, everyone aboard is at war. In the past, some of the women aboard warships were civilians; others had an official rating.When ships saw action, some women in both categories were assets and others liabilities.Only Artemisia was able to save her ship and she was the only senior officer to survive.

Exactly the same thing may be said of the males aboard.The history of naval warfare usually focuses on admirals and captains. C., Persia was at war with Greece, with the Persian king Xerxes leading the invasion."Spare your ships," the Greek historian Herodotus quotes her as saying, "and fight no battle on sea; for the enemy's men are as much better than your men on sea as men are than women." She was the only one of Xerxes' advisors to take this position, however.The Persian force engaged the Greeks at Salamis and were thoroughly defeated.Women commanders figured in two of the most famous sea battles of ancient times - the Battle of Salamis in 480 B. She was a cautious commander, however, and she advised King Xerxes not to engage the Greek fleet.

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Artemisia was a queen, but not a feminist, and she spoke as an admiral.

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