Sex dating in dublin mississippi

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Sex dating in dublin mississippi

But before his secret was out, by day Dwyer had appeared anything but the sick sex killer and instead was a man with a love of mountain biking, cars and computers.

But at night, with the rest of the family asleep, he spent hours on line watching erotic horror movies and trawling BDSM sites for women who shared similar interests. On one side of the coin he had a nice home and high-paying job which depicted the perfect family.

But behind the facade Graham Dwyer, 42, was a sexual pervert fuelled by blood lust and a self-confessed compulsion to "rape, stab and kill".

He was, in fact, hiding a dark secret of a seedy double life meeting women on fetish websites, stabbing them, tying them up and videoing sex sessions, which ended in murder.

Read more about the twisted killer on the Irish Mirror Dwyer faces life in prison after being found guilty by a jury yesterday of the murder of Elaine O’Hara, 36, a crime he almost got away with.

The prosecution case was summed with the startling assertion that he was "a sadistic and brutal pervert with nothing on his mind other than murder".

The source added: “He actually portrayed the image as the perfect husband and family man.

“Nobody, for a single second, would have believed what was going on and what he was involved in.” On August 22 2012, Dwyer carried out a long-held desire to stab a woman to death during sex.

She was an attractive career woman, while he was a mild-mannered model plane buff.

“On the other side he met women in secret that he had met on BDSM sites and had sex with them, many on film, which included role-playing stabbing scenarios.

“It was only after his arrest that the darker and twisted side of Dwyer’s life emerged.” Dwyer enjoyed being pictured at gatherings and on foreign holidays and always portrayed himself as the devoted family man.

That woman was mentally-ill childcare worker Ms O'Hara, whose life was ended in the Dublin mountains.

Dwyer's manipulation of a vulnerable, lonely and previously suicidal woman was dubbed "wickedness hiding behind a mask of pity".

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The court heard his seedy alter-ego was so shocking it could be the plot of a movie.

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