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American Airlines spokesman Matt Miller said the Department of Homeland Security had been in contact with American on the issue, but declined to comment further.

S.-bound direct flights from Europe, the Middle East and Africa.An official familiar with the matter said the United States believes that while it is possible there may be some additional delays at security checkpoints, at most major airports passengers will not be seriously inconvenienced.‘Whether it is for ever – I can’t make any predictions.But I don’t want people to think that this is just a sort of a blip for a week.This is part of an evolving and constant review about whether the checks keep up with the nature of the threats.’US-based airlines had little to say about the enhanced security.The US has declared that it will not allow mobile phones - especially i Phones and Samsung's Galaxy - onto US bound planes from some airports in Europe, the Middle East and Africa if the devices are not charged.

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The new measure, which is bound to cause chaotic scenes at airports around the globe, is part of the US Transportation Security Administration's effort to boost surveillance amid concerns that terrorists are plotting to blow up an airliner.

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