Sex chart video without sinning up

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Sex chart video without sinning up

Off their collaborative album "Like Father, Like Son," first single "Stuntin' Like My Daddy," re-instates Cash Money's everlasting power in the game. Chris Brown, like Lil Wayne, is known to turn a song from ordinary to extraordinary, so it's no surprise that when they team up, as on "I Can Transform Ya," the collaboration will see success. Who would have known that the song Lloyd leaked himself to Atlanta radio, back in 2010, would become he and Lil Wayne's first No. The singer's smooth mid-tempo beat took fans and radio by storm quickly thereafter, as it made its way to No. Khaled's 2011 hip-hop summit featured a slithering beat, Drake hopscotching between crooning and spitting, Rick Ross in full Bawse mode and Weezy comparing himself to Pat Reilly. It didn't, and Khaled's superstar friends gave him yet another hit.

Words have a tendency to increase or decrease in popularity over time.

One of the best ways to figure this out is by looking at popular songs throughout time.

Songs are ranked based on an inverse point system, with weeks at No. Check out the list below to see which Lil Wayne songs have been the biggest of his still-dynamic career arc. The singer's second single, featuring Weezy spitting his signature sexual similes, became her biggest hit until "Knock You Down."Wyclef tapped some famous friends to spin a yarn about the power of money and its negative effects on a young lady. Kelly Rowland was re-introduced as a more sexier version of herself with last year's seductive summer slow jam, "Motivation." The Jim Jonsin-produced track wouldn't be what it is without Wayne's silly double-entendres, and "Motivation" undoubtedly helped Kelly's "Here I Am" album peak at No. Lil Wayne hit the ground running after being released from a nine-month prison term in late 2010.

Since Birdman took Lil Wayne under his wing, the Cash Money rappers have proven there's much value in a father and son relationship. kicks off his second studio album, of the same title, by recruiting Weezy to join him in laying aggressive wordplay over Dr. The result was another Hot 100 hit for both artists. After teasing fans with two verses on Birdman's "Fire Flame," Weezy teamed up with "A Milli" producer Bangladesh and Cory Gunz for yet another Hot 100 top 10.

For example, if a song has 5 "love" words and a total of 100 words in the entire song, that song is assigned 5% and a particular shade of red. It's indisputable that Lil Wayne is among an elite group of artists that can turn an ordinary song into a hit, whether the song is his own or another's.Artist Nickolay Lamm recently mapped out how often certain words have been used in popular songs since 1960.Here's how to decipher the graphs: The horizontal axis is the year of the song and the y-axis is the song's popularity according to Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles. The more red a song is, the more often that particular word appears appears in the song. Sex has been around since the beginning of time, but no one was really openly talking about it until the early '90s.82, Weezy becomes the solo act with the most Hot 100 appearances.

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Now with 109 entries under his belt, Weezy passes Elvis Presley, who totaled 108 entries between the chart's 1958 launch and 2003. brought some of hip-hop's biggest names to the upper reaches of the Hot 100 with "Swagga Like Us," which samples M. A.'s "Paper Planes."With the help of the addictive soundscapes courtesy of Mannie Fresh, "Go DJ," the second single from "Tha Carter," became Lil Wayne's first solo song to see the top of the charts. 14 on the Hot 100 chart."Gimme That," Chris Brown and Lil Wayne's first collaboration, was the first sign of how successful of a team the two artists can be. M.," "Sweetest Girl" was the cream of the crop on Jean's 2007 album, "Carnival Vol.