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Ive been told that I shouldnt try any other SSRIs or tryciclics as they seem to effect my heart.

That only really leaves the Mirtazapine and Diazepam (which I becoming increasingly tolerant too) Ive been given Hydroxyzine for the anxiety too its an anti hystemine with anxiety releiving effects but i too scared to take the full dose as it makes me feel strange!!!!

- I worried about going up to 45mg as the side effect from 30 were bad or maybe it was just my anxiety about taking them.

- My Phyc is not sure if increasing would help either.

I would allow two to three weeks to allow your body to get used to the higher dose. They might want to add in something else as well to help with the anxiety.

I also take valium to help with my withdrawal symptoms.

they help me to sleep and keep the worst of the negative thoughts at bay but do little for my anxiety I afraid.I thinking of upping my dose to 45mg on the advice of my phych coz I starting to abuse the diazepam now 15mg a day supposed to be 10 - I advise you to stick clear of Diazepam its so tempting when the anxiety is really bad but in the long run it just makes it worse.Only you can know if its right to up your dose - you can only try as far as I know Miratzapine is not addictive as such so you could try upping it and see what happens if it doesnt suit the side effects will come well before the improvement trust me and you can lower your dose down again perhaps start by taking one 15mg tablet and half of another one thats what i did at first.and very tired something that only adds to the depression.Good Luck - I def recommend Mirtazapine over the other SSRI;s it has less pronounced side effects. However my psychiatrist used it as an add on to complement other meds that I'm on.

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