Sedating a dog

Posted by / 21-Apr-2016 11:17

While it would be nice if every dog sat quietly without wriggling, twitching, scratching, whining or howling during a haircut, that's simply not the case.New places like a grooming salon are often a source of anxiety for dogs.Melatonin is an active substance which proves to be efficient against epilepsy attack in dogs.You can use an over the counter tranquilizer under several circumstances such as grooming, a medical procedure, if he becomes too aggressive or hyperactive, if he develops anxiety and fear or if you need to transport or ship him somewhere.However, tranquilizers only offer a short term solution and are not treatments for the dog’s behavior.

Therefore it is advisable that you see a specialist who can offer professional advice on how to help your dog.When purchasing a tranquilizer, remember that human tranquilizers are appropriate for canine use.If your dog exhibits serious anxiety problems, such as noise anxiety ( fireworks or thunderstorms) or if he is hyperactive, you can administer drugs based on melatonin.Instead, try one of several natural pet sedatives that will partially or completely sedate your dog before a haircut.

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Dog tranquilizers are used to calm down dogs in various circumstances.