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And the person helming the project back then was none other than Hollywood legend Errol Flynn who wrote a film script called, yup, and considered himself the perfect actor to play Brooke.With Warner Brothers buying the film rights, it should have been a breeze to produce it.It all sounds very good except these people aren’t the first to do so.You see, Hollywood has been trying to make a movie on James Brooke since the 1930s.There’s a reason why for decades filmmakers could not make a movie on Sarawak’s first White Rajah. That, of course, is the well-known story of James Brooke, founder of the White Rajah dynasty in Sarawak in 1842.

According to historybuff.com, Warner Brothers tried numerous times to film it, only to run into all sorts of difficulties, including the Second World War and the implacable Ranee.

The studios finally gave up and sold the rights in 1968. Historybuff calls the “most doomed movie in Hollywood history.” And now Rob Allyn’s Margate House Films has been trying to bring James Brooke to the big screen since 2013.

The website calls it a “historical bio-epic” set in 1840s Borneo on “the life story of the Victorian British adventurer who became King of Sarawak and embarked on a lifelong crusade to end piracy and head-hunting – only to face charges of murder and piracy himself.” That sure sounds exciting.

But the movie was supposed to go into production in 2014. Margate House’s quick plot summary makes no mention of any romance or love interest.

One would think such a swashbuckling real-life character would be great fodder for Hollywood treatment.

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Indeed, two film producers, American Rob Allyn and Briton Simon Fawcett, have apparently teamed up with Sarawak’s Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry and the Brooke Heritage Trust to make such a movie.