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That’s why I prefer to live in New York rather than Los Angeles. I’m in the same time zone as my family now, and that’s a very important part of my life, and it has become even more important as life has become more demanding.

I don’t know that I will ever be able to successfully navigate the political side of my business. Being successful is always much more enjoyable when you’re near family.

As far as my personal life, so much of my time is spent on the show that I feel like that social atmosphere is where my vested interest is right now. When you first got this script, how much did you know about government work or the FBI?

In the past I’ve played police officers and prosecuting attorneys, and I’ve shadowed police officers and the DA.

With such a busy work schedule, are you dating anyone?I’m a very social creature, and I try to go out on the weekends with friends.I love going to a dinner party where I don’t know everyone, and I get to know people.There are a lot of really interesting and intelligent people in New York City doing amazing things—or at least proclaiming to do them—and I love hearing the stories. I’ve found it to be a much more palatable life than the one I was living prior to this. I remember at a certain point I said to a dear friend of mine, “I don’t know how to take what’s good in me and put it into the world anymore.” And now that I have this show… What living on the East Coast represents to me is being a person that is of use to something that millions of people around the world are entertained by.coverage of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade from the year before, wherein Roker introduced a young, still-unknown Boone—who was there to boost her brand-new crime show—and called her “Megan Brooke.” The —in which Boone stars as tough rookie FBI agent Elizabeth Keen opposite James Spader’s fedora-wearing criminal mastermind Raymond “Red” Reddington—was the breakaway hit of NBC’s 2013 pilot season. We’re becoming friends just like in the show.” We spoke with the 31-year-old Florida native at The Loews Regency in New York, not too far from where she was filming that day with Spader and new villainous cast member Paul Reubens (otherwise known as Pee-wee Herman).

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