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Rachel dating glee

It still happened once in a while, but the tone of the teasing had become much more playful and, to be honest, Rachel didn't really mind it.

Rachel, for her part, was becoming much more confident in her ability to stand up to bullying.

Rachel blushed and looked around the table at the rest of the Glee club, trying to gauge their reactions.

After a moment of processing, Puck high fived Rachel and conversation picked up normally. As Santana came back to the table with her food, the blonde sighed, got up, and walked away."Is she…okay?

Granted, she hadn't been slushied since Santana had made it crystal clear to the entire Mc Kinley population that it wasn't to happen ever again.

But, if something happened behind Santana's back, Rachel was pretty sure she could handle it herself.

It had been just over a month since Santana and Rachel had started dating and, so far, things were going really smoothly.

To her credit, Santana had mostly stopped making fun of Rachel.

They spent the weekends together as well as almost every day after school.

Thankfully, Rachel had instituted mandatory studying hours to ensure that they didn't fail every single class."This is stupid," Santana said, leaning back in Rachel's desk chair and stretching like a cat."Studying isn't stupid, Santana," Rachel replied, rolling her eyes."It is when I could be kissing you instead," Santana said, standing up and walking over to Rachel, who was reclining on the bed. ""Me," Santana said, climbing on top of Rachel and straddling her.

Surprisingly, Santana hadn't wanted to hide their relationship.

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In fact, the day after they had made it official, Santana went up to Rachel in the cafeteria, kissed her soundly, and then walked to grab a tray with a smirk on her face.