Positive dating stories

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Positive dating stories

We hugged and kissed and this almost instantly made us stronger in our relationship.

In the clinic we went to, they informed us about this group called Gay Talk where newly diagnosed people with HIV get support and information about this chronic condition.

I then received a text from an old sex partner who told me he had been exposed to an STI (gonorrhoea) so my partner and I went to get tested and in my case, treated, as I had been directly exposed.

I booked an appointment while my mother was visiting me in the country so the 3 of us went there together for what I thought would be a quick injection and a quick HIV test that would show I was negative, like it had done many times before.

I went down that path where I would take some drugs and go looking for sex in saunas, at sex parties – I did it all, on a couple of occasions I took P. At the last sex party I went to I met the person who is now my partner.

We both agreed to start dating and try to leave the drugs and sex party scene.

Seconds after this I went to look for my partner who was getting tested and I found him crying and asked me if I was ok.

I understood then that he had also been told he was positive.

Suddenly I felt scared for my future, worried for this new person in my life and worried for my job situation. I hoped it was a false positive so when they did the confirmation test I started crying and went and look for my mother who was in the waiting room.I went there and met other people on the same page.I knew quickly I had to get it off my chest before it become something hard – like coming out to your parents.She hugged me and told me she loved me and that everything was going to be OK.I moved to this country approximately 6 years ago and work as a nurse for the NHS in a very prestigious London hospital.

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I have lived most of this time in south west London where a big part of the gay community use drugs or ‘chemsex’ as a way of meeting people and having some fun. My relationship with drugs and sex got out of hand and started to affect to my work, my relations with friends and family and also my self-respect and well-being.

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