Poppy montgomery who is she dating

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Poppy montgomery who is she dating

Springfield is the fictional town/city in Springfield County, Springfield's State, United States, in which the Simpson family lives.

Geographically, the city is based on Simpsonville, KY, and it is possibly where the family name "Simpson" for the show originates. Springfield's state's capital, Capital City, is inspired by Frankfurt, KY's airport, Capital City Airport. Hans Sprungfeld, and a band of fiercely determined pioneers out of Maryland who set off after misinterpreting a passage in The Bible, Springfield seems to be a small city rather than a megalopolis.

For many years, the evidence was sufficiently contradictory that it could not be identified with a specific state; however, Matt Groening has come forward and admitted that it was based on Springfield, Oregon. It is known as a twin city to Shelbyville, which in real life would be Eugene, Oregon.

The town has often been dubbed as the, or at a stretch, one of America's worst towns and called "America's Crud Bucket","The Armpit of America's Butt-Crack", as well as being the World's Fattest Town.

He famously once killed a bear with his bare hands, and this deed is immortalized in a bronze statue in front of the city hall.

In its early days, the city was the target of many Native American Indian raids, and to this day many forts and trading posts remain (including Fort Springfield and Fort Sensible).

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It was also the site of two battles during the American Civil War.

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