Platform escapement clock dating consolidating school districts in michigan

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Platform escapement clock dating

I am also working on a 1:1 replica of the actual Bombe machine that you can see in the pipeline page.. From my Partner site in Romania, Please have a look at Cristian's Monjibox Clocks.

About time I did another pretty little Steampunk clock.. Very pleased with how she turned out, and at the request of the client, we have a lot of gears.. Here's a nice combination of the Tesla clock, and the Audio Dyne I made a couple of years ago.

I can take bits and pieces from other designs and make something different, this one is an instant favourite of mine.

This one has cast brass feet and a load of resistance coils on the LHS of the clock.Looing down at the top, you can make out the detail for the drums used on the original Turing Bombe.The Original voltmeter box is the same the Gemini clock was made out of, but on this one I have kept the original connectors on the side and re-used the dials to respond to ambient noise, so there is always movement.With the lights down a little, the dials are softly backlit and there is a reserved glow from under the IN-18 Nixie tubes.Everything else in the middle has been sold, but gives you an idea of cost and what we can do.

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The Pipeline page here shows current clocks in progress I would suggest if you want a clock that is in progress to reserve it.