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Women like these six., 27, is the group’s relative veteran, a devotee of clever word-craft with the platinum single “Merry Go ’Round,” the 2013 gold album Same Trailer Different Park and the chart-topping 2015 follow-up Pageant Material under her belt.She and Loretta Lynn did a really good job of balancing all these things: sexuality, humor and brains. Dolly wasn’t afraid to be the smart woman in the room, but also wasn’t afraid to pop out her cleavage. He actually made my photo his Facebook profile picture and got all these people to say bad things about me -- how I’m ugly and need a nose job.One user comments on Live Leak: "I think I just been duped." Another said that they were "a believer for almost 20 seconds".

A video purporting to show a two-headed squirrel has sparked debate over whether the creature is a freak of nature or an optical illusion. ", has been viewed more than 22,000 times after being posted to a video-sharing website. It looks like they are conjoined at the head - like human twins might be after being born connected at the head.

" In the video, two squirrel heads can be seen poking through a hole in a piece of wood.

However, doubt emerges about this towards the end of the 53-second video.

In the last 10 seconds of the clip the squirrel - or one of the squirrels, depending on your opinion - pulls its head back out of the hole in the wood.

Once the tape rolls, they’re anything but timid, though, as they freely discuss the highly competitive, male-dominated industry in which they live and work. In May 2015, a radio consultant publicly advised country programmers not to play too many female artists if they wanted to maintain ratings, likening songs by women to tomatoes scattered in an otherwise all-male salad.

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Dubbed “Tomato-gate,” the controversy spelled out an insidious industry bias, but also threw a spotlight on the genre’s serious female contenders -- women working to establish their individuality, broaden the genre’s subject matter and raise the bar artistically.

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