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They set up an elementary school of humble proportions, which later grew up to be a large institution. Fraser to its fulfillment but, brought about a very healthy atmosphere in the school. Fraser was an uncompromising disciplinarian, so was Cannon Campbell. In 1950 under him, Trinity College Kandy became an independent school and to this day remains so, as a fee-levying private school recognized by the educational authorities of the Government of Sri Lanka. Simithrarachchi, the school went back to the old tradition of British leadership and appointed Norman Walter (1952-1957) a young and zealous man.

Another attempt was made under a zealous missionary Ireland Jones in 1857. Cannon Campbell retired to England and later held responsible positions in the Church of England, particularly as Chaplain to the Royal Family. The policy laying body of the school is the Board Of Governors under the Anglican Bishops of Ceylon. It was a very wise decision, for the new Principal was a mature man with a very fine record as a high ranking civil servant. In his day it was popularly known as the Kandy Collegiate School, but again for unknown reasons was closed down in 1863. His successor, Rev Robert Stopford (1935-1940) had a short period, among other reasons the Second World War intervened and all that could have been accomplished during this period could not be realized. The Board in consultation with the retiring Principal appointed a Sri Lankan C. He headed Wesely College, Colombo before he came to Trinity. Trinity College Kandy, Sri Lanka was founded in 1872, by the Principal Rev. Although, it was founded as an Anglican Missionary school based on the traditions of the best of the public schools in England, the missionaries took into its ambit the best of the indigenous culture. In his day (1904-1924), it became a multi facetted educational institution, equal to that of any leading school in the British Commonwealth. Two buildings, one know as the “Gaster Block” and the other was The Chapel which continues to be admired today and bears testimony to the wisdom of Fraser and Gaster. Architecturally one could see the best of Sinhala Architecture, with designs and carvings similar to those one could see in Polonnaruwa, an ancient capital of Sri Lanka. Simithrarachchy (1941-1951) was a great conservationist and a disciplinarian under whom Trinity consolidated using all that was best in its heritage. Trinity College will build on its heritage and goes to greater heights in the new millennium.Today it is one of the leading schools with a rich heritage. In the days of Fraser 17 different nationalities made use of the all round educational Trinity provided. It was the first open chapel in the world, when all the others were of gothic type. Fraser obtained a lease of a land from the Asgiriya Temple and leveled it to create a playing field, which was later to become the Asgiriya International Cricket Stadium. When Ceylon became independent in 1948 Trinity College was fully equipped to serve the Nation. The motto of Trinity is “Respice Finem”, so Trinity looks if not to the end, but to the years ahead in serving the youth of Sri Lanka. Fraser brought the school from a mere provincial school to a national college. He had on his staff a brilliant man Gaster, who was responsible for planning the buildings of the time. It is a multi-ethnicl and a multi-religious school which, having a Christian foundation, will undoubtedly help to establish peace and harmony amongst a divided nation.

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Although Trinity College was founded in 1872, its antecedents go back to 1817 when the first missionaries from Britain, Mr. Browning entered the hill country, despite the recent anti-British rebellion which had shaken the country. In his time the school games brought much honour and glory to the school from the innumerable victories in Cricket and Rugby. Fraser left in 1924 to head a school in Ghana, namely Achimotta the great college of that country. Fraser left, he found his ideal successor Cannon Mc Leod Campbell (1925-1935) who not only carried on the work of Mr. Principal Stopford did not return to Trinity, but continued to serve the church and later rose to be the Bishop of London. Far-sighted decisions made Trinity College a model school and a storehouse of experience. Article From: 2013 bradby akila jayasundara bradby bradby shield British Colombia captain of sri lanka cricket captain of sri lanka national cricket team colombo cricket education history icc 2011 kandy kumar sangakkara kumar sangakkara trinitian letters trinitian murrad old boys old boys of trinity royal college rugby rugby league scholarship schools rugby sri lanka sri lanka cricket st thomas college tck rugby tck rugby 2013 the bradby live stream the bradby shield the bradby shield encounter 2nd leg trinitian trinitians Trinity College Kandy trinity college kandy history trinity college kandy rugby trinity college kandy rugby history bradby shield royal college colombo trinity college rugby trinity lions cricket trinity old boys trinity rugby watch bradby live watch the trinity vs.

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