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The producer or the director will make some kind of encouraging speech - "The money is definitely coming next week..." that kind of thing.

When it doesn't, the accountant is first in the firing line. If you're good at numbers, you could ignore that and do something more interesting - but don't ask me what.

On the other hand, film accountants are usually pretty happy because they get really well paid!

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Film People are kind of outlaws anyway: it's not a proper job. He or she (and it seems to be she quite a lot of the time) does the same job that accountants do elsewhere but they can say "I'm working with Meryl Streep at the moment" and stuff like that.

So if you've got bored of being bored, then working in film might just prove to you that you're good at something, even if you can't figure out what it is. Accountants rarely see anyone connected with the film, unless they don't pay them. This makes the job quite hard, as sometimes films run out money to pay people, then the crew turns quite ugly.

Quotes from Cinematographers(2015) This is not necessarily a problem as some people working in the industry are totally useless.

This means that I only really know about what goes on when we shoot a film: what goes on before and after is not something I know much about but I can guess, and I hear stories.

Anyway, if you like reading then there are people who read, and get paid for it.

Oddly enough, they are called readers, and work for studios and producers who attract more scripts than they can read themselves.

There are some pretty amazing statistics for the number of scripts written versus the number of films made.

So you may feel useless because people kept telling you from childhood that you could do better if you worked harder. So then you got very pissed off, set fire to some things, smoked some joints and decided you were useless.

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