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In the USA, the Food and Drug Administration has established very strict rules in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) on what can be and cannot be stated in the package insert.

It is not a document that serves as medical and scientific gospel.

But it is a document that can help clinicians use vaccines (or frankly, any medication) properly.

Labeling is strictly regulated, because it establishes the claims made about the drug or device, how it is to be used, and other pertinent information.

Even what sales reps say to physicians in a sales call is covered by the drug’s labeling.

It is not just the printing on the vial or box, labelling encompasses almost everything said about the drug, including advertising, PI’s, and yes, the box and printing on vial.

You will hear FDA regulators and individuals in pharmaceutical companies refer to “labeling” all of the time.

One of the cherished strategies of the antivaccine group is to quote vaccine package inserts (called a Patient Information Leaflet in EU countries and Instructions for Use in other cases) to “prove” that vaccines are dangerous.

Vaccine deniers consider the package insert to be golden tablets of the Truth™.

Although some people believe it’s written in small fonts on thin paper to make it difficult to read and use, it’s actually done so to save on shipping costs.

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Yes, if you had to fold up a large font-size package insert and place it in each box that contains a vial or bottle of medication, the shipping weight and volume would make the cost astronomical. In general, package inserts are part of what is called the “labeling” of the drug, which means all the verbiage that pharmaceutical company may say about the drug.