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Moe sex chat no registration

You will be asked to change offensive names you make and will be kicked from the server.

The only way to acceptably use real-world currency to purchase in-game items is through the approved MOS system, accessible by clicking the bottom right-hand corner of the game.The purpose of the daily login bonus is for players to login and play, not stay logged in idle.While playing RPG MO, you must be at your computer at all times, and may not use a program, auto-clicker, or additional software to make it easier to train or gather resources.This is to prevent players from AFK training, or training their accounts while they're asleep/busy with real life.Any accounts that are found to be botting will be permanently jailed and banned.

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Although it states that you should never trust anyone you talk to in RPG MO, that doesn't give you the right to attempt to abuse others by misinforming them with false information in order to gain a personal advantage over them.