Meryl davis and charlie white dating

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Meryl davis and charlie white dating

Hollywood caught up with the duo who’s competing against each other on the dance floor — keep reading for their EXCLUSIVE Q&A!

), but deep down, they duo is meant for each other! “It’s funny because we developed this really comfortable rhythm with each other when we were really young and its really been the key to our partnership,” Meryl EXCLUSIVELY told Hollywood when we asked if there’s any possibility of a budding romance.

We’ve been working our whole lives to get to this point.

The Olympians went from being longtime partners to competitors, and are constantly rumored to be lovers!

Did you ever think you were definitely going to win? There are check points that I think we definitely take a deep breath after certain aspects of the program and feel really happy when those parts go well.

There’s really not a minute when you’re not thinking if there something that [I] could be doing to help my chances of winning that gold medal.” How did you channel the pressure to win into actually winning the gold medal?

Meryl: “I think that we were so well prepared just because we’ve been putting so much pressure on ourselves to perform at our bests since we were young that it didn’t feel like it came out of the blue.

Meryl and Charlie EXCLUSIVELY told Hollywood all about their intense skating regimen, their past together and, of course, their big win. Charlie: “In the weeks leading up [to the Olympics], we were on the ice probably about four hours a day.

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We’re running through our program from beginning to end, which is probably the hardest thing we do.