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Married divorced single dating valerie cearley

The primary reason for a new Post Office is working space.

This year was one of the worst in terms of vandalism, according to Beth Mann.

There will be future public meetings where people in Cedarville and Surprise Valley will get a chance to comment on the design and overall look of the new facility.

Vandals hit I'SOT Christmas displays For the past 21 years, the I'SOT Community in Canby has built and maintained wonderful Christmas displays for the enjoyment of the town and passersby.

Some people are concerned that the location across from the hospital will cause some congestion.

Many people, said John Schreiber of Cedarville, would prefer the facility remain in the same location or more to a different lot, away from the hospital.

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She reported the vandalism to the Modoc County Sheriff's Office this week, which includes damage to mannequins, the theft of a Baby Jesus doll, general damages and the theft of two expensive Roman Centurion helmets.

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