Mandating insurance

Posted by / 23-Jul-2016 07:53

Initially, it will cover just 50 percent of a worker’s average pay.

Over four years, it will rise and eventually replace 67 percent of a worker’s average pay.

The duration of the leave, while still far from the 40 weeks guaranteed in the U. or even the 16 weeks provided in Bangladesh, doubles the 6 weeks allotted in California and New Jersey, and triples the 4 weeks of paid leave offered by Rhode Island.

Nice, you say, but don’t we already have something that guarantees us 12 weeks of leave?

In 2018, employees will be eligible for up to 8 weeks of leave a year, followed by up to 10 weeks in 20, then up to 12 weeks starting in 2021.And compared to its progressive predecessors, New York’s bill is startlingly robust.The program will mandate up to 12 weeks of paid time off from a job to bond with a new child (including adopted or foster children), or to care for a gravely ill parent, child, spouse, domestic partner, or other family member.What’s more, women and men will be entitled to paid leave. A political, social, economic policy upheaval that will dramatically alter the playing field for millions of Americans by significantly reducing economic and gender inequality? That means that New York has just become the fifth state — after California, which passed its family-leave insurance program in 2002 and implemented it in 2004, New Jersey (2009), Rhode Island (2014), and Washington (which passed its measure in 2007 but has not yet put it into effect) — to mandate paid leave.

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On the last day of March, the New York State Legislature finalized a budget deal that included not only a promise to raise the minimum wage to $15, but also the nation’s newest — and by far its strongest and most comprehensive — bill mandating paid-family-leave time for most employees.