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Lister dating

If you want to soar past your socialite mentor to reach A-list celeb status, check out these tips below.

Everyone knows how tiring it can be schmoozing with celebrities.

When you start working on any task– whether it be a photo shoot, a fashion show, or a date– always do it with energy levels that are as high as possible.

The clock starts ticking as soon as you accept a challenge, so make sure energy levels are high. When someone throws a task your way – whether it be Kim, your scummy agent, or anyone else – start it immediately; you’ll get the super important star bonus to help you complete your challenge even quicker.

Kim Kardashian is one of many celebrities that have her own app.

If you’re going to play regularly every time you have a full energy bar, you’ll gain all-important popularity.

You move up the list of the most popular celebrities by going to parties, photo shoots, and getting involved in drama via a Twitter-esque social network.

While living the glamorous La La Land lifestyle, you’ll have dates with D-to-A list celebrities while Miss Kardashian takes you under her wing and shows you the ropes of becoming totally popular.

If you want to know when you can get back in the game, enable game notifications: you’ll get one every time you have 100% energy.

This applies to jobs, dates, or other tasks: just click the and start off on the right foot.

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