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He concluded that the perfect tipple should be 14 per cent ABV (alcohol by volume), which is usually about to one part gin to two parts tonic, once dilution from ice has been taken into the equation – though the exact amount of tonic to use depends on the strength of the gin.And, although most bars in Britain serve their G&Ts in tall glasses, he believes that a large, wide glass – like the balloon glasses the drink is often served in in Spain - is actually the best way to appreciate the flavour.Adopting healthy habits like eating healthful foods and exercising can seem difficult, but sometimes it can be quite easy.There are some health tips and wellness habits we can easily change in a day’s time to improve our health absolutely.As for ice, he recommends plenty of it, because if the temperature of a drink is low, the carbon dioxiode molecules which create the bubbles find it harder to escape, meaning your drink will stay fizzier, and more aromatic for longer. Below are Mr Bale's suggestions for how much tonic you will need with 11 major gin brands to create the perfect serve.

“Eighty per cent of what you taste comes through your nose.

A lot of the aroma and flavour compounds are carried by the bubbles, so the bigger the surface area, the more bubbles you get coming to the surface,” he explains.

The drink was such a hit with the gin's makers it is now being served at the Hixter restaurants in London.

“Mango has high levels of pinene, a flavour compound found in both juniper berries and Mediterranean herbs, so you can see why it works with this brand,” he says. There are over 87,000 different drink combinations at Starbucks, according to the coffee retailer’s website. From flu remedies to Harry Potter-inspired beverages, we highlight the weird and the wonderful brews and infusions.

When Mr Bale was asked to find an idea garnish for Gin Mare, a Mediterranean gin with flavours of olive, basil and rosemary, he originally thought a sprig of rosemary would be the answer.

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But out of 120 garnishes he looked at, he found that a strip of mango peel and a grinding of black pepper worked the best.