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And she is not the first one he was distracted by,” Jaishankar told Savvy magazine in 2010.“Mahesh seems like he is in a frenzy, collecting trophies on and off the court and Lara probably fits in with his current plans.But again, if he did what he did to me, a woman he loved, he is capable of doing this to Lara as well My message to men like him is: don’t sign up for a club whose rules you don’t fundamentally believe in.” Actress Chaudhary — who figures in two much-watched Internet clips called Saree Slips and Hot Kiss — refuses to comment on Paes, calling it “a very personal matter”.The men are friends and the woman is their constant companion. All three may have to delve deep into their memories to remember those happy days, way back in 1999.

The grapevine, for instance, has it that bowler Zaheer Khan is in a relationship with actress Isha Sharwani. And when Bhupathi married actress and former Miss Universe Lara Dutta last year, his ex-wife Shveta Jaishankar — another former beauty queen and model — had a few things to say about it.

Harbhajan Singh is said to be close to starlet Geeta Basra. “I don’t know when he met Lara Dutta but all I can say is that their relationship did start while we were married.

Did the friendship crack because of a hot model they were both chasing?

Sonia Sarkar delves into the love lives of India’s greatest ever doubles pair Picture the two young lads with the fresh-faced model, laughing together in a lounge in a tennis club.

They are India’s best — and warring — tennis players, Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi. I met them through a common friend, a Mumbai-based sports company owner,” says Anupama Varma, adding that she dated Bhupathi for a while. “I never knew that I could have that kind of an effect on Leander,” she laughs. The tennis ace, after all, rarely misses a passing volley. In the world of international sports, stars change their beautiful partners — WAGs or Wives and Girlfriends — almost as often as their socks. Even Sreesanth has been seeing Tamil actress Lakshmi Rai.

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